About Mike

There's so much more to life in addition to photography, and here are the many "faces" of mine! Enjoy!

Upper Left: My mom and me at the stage musical version of Mary Poppins (SUPER-califragilistic show!)

Upper Right: We're a huge Disney family! Sometimes, you have to run a half marathon to get the AWESOME Disney bling (my 5th Disney Half Marathon!)

Middle Left: My beautiful girlfriend Helen, and the "co-op" dog, Gunther. He's a mini-Schnauzer BTW.

Middle Right: Me as a famous Filipino Boxer for a sketch show performance - can you guess who? Hint: He sings in addition to boxing!

Bottom Left: Yup, that's Gunther again. He's a co-op dog cause he spends 50% of his time at our place, and the other 50% at my mom's.

Me with shades on: That's my ever changing Facebook profile photo. I change the saying on the card almost weekly. Hmmm... what will it say next week?

Bottom right: That's me. Plain and simple.

Other misc. stuff about me:

We just adopted another rescue dog named Baxter! He's awesome.

I live and was raised approximately 1/4 mile from the hospital I was born at.

My sister is a classically trained concert pianist.

My brother is a stud in athletics.

Both my siblings are younger than me.

I once was in a film with Pat Morita, or as most people know him, "Mr. Miyagi" of Karate Kid fame, playing one of his henchmen.

People say I look like Jamie Fox, but I still don't buy it.

I'm a child of the 80's. Yup, I had a "Member's Only" jacket at one point.

I'm a HUGE Michael Jackson fan. Huge. Oh, and I have his autograph. Seriously cool.

I belong to a terrific improv group called Cold Tofu.

My favorite movies of all time include actors Gene Kelly, Danny Kaye, and Johnny Depp.

I think I still have a crush on Angelina Jolie.

I find myself saying "Okay, few more and we're done", but end up taking more photos!

I'm a Libra.

I am an alum of USC and was in the USC Trojan Marching Band (but please don't hold it against me if you went to that OTHER school across town).

I am a medium speed triathlete.

Hummus is one of my favorite foods of all time!

Thanks for visiting, and get out there and make your life awesome! While you're at it, take a photo :)